Thursday, October 1, 2015

Mannequin kistuke part 2- Purple and white

I figured while the kimono is still on the mannequin I may as well try my last darari obi.
Won't die wondering how they look together now at least!

No obidome today, I was feeling lazy and couldn't be bothered trying to find something to match.

Still more photos of leaves.
The colours truly are beautiful, my photography skillz not so...

The obi is a two piece obi but I still think I did a reasonable job.

Ohhh, getting higher each time with the obi...

The room where I was taking photos was getting lots of afternoon sun so all the gold work is extra shiny!

It would look more complete with an obidome but overall I think the colours work well together.
My favourite obi with this kimono is the orange darari though.

And just because a blog post without lots of photos is boring I put all three ensembles together for easy comparison.

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Which obi do you think works the best?

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Polina said...

I personally like the white the most