Friday, September 18, 2015

Linking a maiko hikizuri to a maiko.

For some very lucky collectors it is possible to find a maiko or geiko wearing a kimono or obi they have bought.

As I also collect odori programs I am often asked by people who have purchased hikizuri/darari obi to keep an eye out for their new treasure.
I always say I will but just the sheer quantity of dance programs I own means that's a tough task in its own.

I was contacted by a fellow collector the other day asking me to check an early 2000's Miyako odori program. They had found an old IG forum thread that said that kimono featured in the program.
So that was easy enough to do.
I checked said program and the kimono didn't make an appearance.
Disappointing but "no worries" I thought, "just check a few years earlier and later, the dates might have been mixed up."
So I went back a couple of years and sure enough I found a small black and white photo of the kimono!
Yay! I had some good news to tell the owner.
As I was flicking through the second dance program I noted how odd it was that the kimono only featured in one of the photos.
Usually the black and white photos in the back feature a small group of maiko with various temples, events or other attractions.
So I thought to myself maybe the people who put together the dance program have re-used this photo from a previous year ( not an uncommon thing to do, but you see it less in recent years)
So I went back a couple more years and jackpot!
There was the kimono in question, in colour, on the first page.
9 years earlier than originally thought, 2 years earlier than the black and white photo.
The kimono has many photos in that dance program in the black and white section so the new owner should be delighted.
I've included just a couple here that show off the kimono design best.

The kimono I'm talking about is the purple one worn by maiko Mari.
Congratulations to the current owner, knowing who is wearing it and being such a modern piece means it is a lot easier to find out more about its history.
I really enjoyed helping this person out, I was as excited as they were to find a maiko wearing it

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