Thursday, February 5, 2015

Garden progress.

I took these photos a couple of days ago as the garden has exploded with growth lately.

The two gourd plants have grown together and become one large patch.

I've got about 4 different sized gourds coming along nicely!

My one jack-be-little plant. I did try to grow a second one to help with pollination but it just didn't happen.
This week was the first time it had male and female flowers open at the same time so hopefully I'll have some super cute pumpkins growing soon..

Female flowers of pumpkin,squash, zucchini and watermelon ( maybe others but I'm yet to learn about them) will have the little fruits forming below the flower as shown here.

My butternut pumpkin patch.
Its taking over the entire veggie garden!

We had a lot of rain in early January so now everything is growing crazy fast.
My two raspberry beds have lots of new canes coming up, this one came up outside his garden bed!

Some of my small shining light watermelons!
I've got about 4 good sized ones growing, fingers crossed they'll be good.

The biggest of my small shining light watermelons.
The skin is supposed to be a dark green so I guess these have a while yet to mature.

This summer has been relatively mild so I've really been able to enjoy the veggie patch so far.
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Hasume Okaasan said...

Dear Kofuji-san,

I know I'm probably not right about this, but as the motif is rare enough I thought I would share this link with you in the hope that it might be the right kimono. The kimono in question is on a maiko from maybe the 80's and it looks eerily like the pinkish purple hikizuri you got recently with the grape-leaf pattern. I've been digging and this is the first pic I've seen that came close.

both the links are to the same image, just in case one of them gets taken down in the meantime.

Best wishes always and thinking of you fondly,

Hasume in St. Louis <3