Tuesday, January 20, 2015

First post of 2015!

I realise that January is almost over, its gone too fast for me already!
Once Christmas was finished both my hubby and I became sick, he got sick first then just as he was recovering I got it so there was a good week and a bit where we just lazed about the house moaning about being crook.

Luckily, before Christmas I was working on some projects as a trial run to see whether I should add different handmade products to my Etsy store.
I made a couple of pre-tied obi and tried my hand at stencilling for some han'eri.

I learnt a lot of things as I haven't really done stencilling before, mainly that while I personally prefer more delicate, intricate designs the larger designs were easier to handle.
Also its a lot easier to design something for the obi- as you have lots of area to work with, but with the han'eri obviously you've only got a thin section of fabric shown so the design must look good in a thin, narrow configuration.
 Hence why my silvery swirls don't look as good on the mannequin as it does when the han'eri is flat....
Never mind, it'll make a nice addition to my personal collection as I have very few han'eri, I've mainly got white plains ones or maiko hen'eri lol! It's a nice problem to have I suppose ;)
So while it was fun trying something different I don't think I'll be expanding into that category as time soon...
I am selling the butterfly and kitty cat  obi in my Etsy store for those of you who are interested.

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