Thursday, December 4, 2014

What I've been up to lately...

Nope, no kimono I'm afraid.
My grand plans of doing kitsuke sometime this year... well doesn't look like it'll be happening here soon. Not with summer upon us. I could get away with a mannequin kitsuke but that's not as fun now is it?
Ah well...
On a positive note I've started making obidome again! Yay! I'll have more spare time now because I refuse to paint the house over summer and its prime resin season anyway so I bests make the most of it.
I've got a few new designs that I made from scratch from clay and made moulds from those and I hope to have the new designs in my Esty shop in under a fortnight. ( ambitious time frame? maybe knowing how well I get distracted...)
Hopefully I can get a few made sooner and share some photos.
Cuz let's face it, my blog's been very boring with photos lately huh.

Well I have garden photos to share!
(Maybe not what you were hoping for but it's all I got right now...)

Jack be little miniature pumpkins. These look so cute, hopefully I can get them to grow right.
I've gone a bit pumpkin mad apparently as you'll see...

Little persimmon fruit! My little tree has three tiny fruits, I know I should cut them off so the trees energy goes into making the whole tree strong but I just can't bring myself to do it.

Full shot of my persimmon. Was only planted about 3 months ago and its already doubled in height.

Sunflowers. These are actually little baby sunflowers that grew off my giant flower ( which has already flowered and I'm just waiting to collect the seeds.)

Beans in the front, silver beet in the middle and snow peas at the back.
Off to the left if you can see is more beans and corn.

Pumpkins.... butternut variety. Yum. I actually had about 60 seedlings because I was too impatient for the 10 seeds that I started first to grow so I just chucked the rest of the seeds in.
Went away for a week and came home to a pumpkin jungle!
Now I've got pumpkins all over our front and back yards.

Tomato jungle. The tomatoes just exploded with growth and I've been lazy and didn't stake them up.

On the far left of the tomato jungle I had 5 watermelon seedlings doing their thing.
Small shining light variety which is supposed to be a small plant and fruit. Its my first time growing a lot of this stuff so it's all trial and error for me.

Watermelon flower! I think its a male flower but I'm excited none the less. 

My first tomatoes!

Like my two varieties of pumpkins weren't enough I've also got two birdhouse gourd plants on the go!

The other birdhouse gourd.

There is also separate beds for raspberries and asparagus. Citrus trees, pomegranate tree and I'm pretty sure the fig tree I put in over winter has died...
Everything I started from seed except the corn and some of the tomato varieties.
Not too bad if I say so myself.

So there you have it, why I've done very little kimono related in 6 months... 

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