Wednesday, July 30, 2014

New kimono for sale at Kofuji Kimono

Hi everyone,
Hope your winter/summer is going well :)

I haven't been up to much in the kimono world lately as most of my time has gone towards stuff around the house.
Recently we've cut down a huge gum tree that was right on the fence line between us and the neighbours, as well as being dangerous it drops a lot of branches and then replacing the back fence.
We tried to time it nicely so the tree would go down on the Friday and the fence crew would start work Monday but unfortunately that got delayed by a week and a half...
Not much you can do about that though.
Plus my parents came down for a visit right in the middle of that drama.
Long story short: I've been busy.

But! I have managed to list a few iromuji kimono for sale on Kofuji Kimono's Etsy store

Purple iromuji  is getting a lot of love

Pink iromuji  is a bit quieter.

I haven't been doing any obidome work lately as resin and winter don't mix very well and my bf doesn't like it when I take over the living room (where its warmer so the resin can cure) so I'm going to try in the next few weeks to get out my clay and design a few new pieces ready for spring.
I've got a few ideas in mind already, is there anything you'd be interested in seeing?

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