Saturday, February 15, 2014

New Kimono and mannequin kitsuke

( because I was too lazy to dress myself...)

I decided that I really needed some striped kimono, and a hakata obi for good measure.

And so I got....

I decided that if I was going to buy anymore kimono then they should really be a size that should fit me, rather than a pretty kimono that's too small.
Yes I realize that I could let out the seams on a small kimono but I started that on one of my kimono.... well over a year ago. So not the best option.

I'm not sure what possessed me to buy the bright purple and green stripe kimono, maybe that day I thought I needed a bright kimono.

The black, white and green kimono is actually a hitoe kimono so that's seasonally appropriate for now and I really like how it looks with the cream and green hakata obi.
I kinda lucked out with that combo, I didn't buy the obi to match the kimono, and I think the hakata will work ok with the purple stripe kimono too.
Actually I never think how a new piece will work with my existing collection, if I like it that's about as far as I think about it. Therein lies a major problem with my collection!

Hopefully I can get around to doing a proper kitsuke for each kimono soon.

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