Thursday, May 9, 2013

Obidome on Etsy!

You can find them in the obidome section in my shop: Kofuji Kimono.
I only put up a couple just to test the waters.
I've also put them very cheap until I work out what I'm going to use as the loops on the back.
Still having a lot of trouble with that.

I've also got some pretty new designs coming up:

Fishy! I love this little fish, I've also done a blue version and a white one with very light orange spots.
This one below looks a bit freaky because I haven't painted on his eye yet :)

Simple little rose. I think I'll also use this in kanzashi design ( when I get there)

Random leaves. Not the best photo for this one, sorry. I should've flipped it around to photograph it so you can see the detail better. 

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