Sunday, December 2, 2012

Interesting things on YJA.

Hello everyone :)

I've been a little busy trying to learn how to sew, I'm working on a 1950's inspired dress for a good friends wedding and I'm nearly done!

I haven't been doing any odori programs and my Etsy shop is a bit slow so I thought I'd share some interesting YJA auctions I've found.

In no particular order:

Junior set of Maiko kanzashi featuring sakura and butterflies.
A bit expensive though... And I don't have any spring hikizuri so I hope someone else gets this.
Auction link.

These Katsuno magazine clippings, although I already have them many people seemed to have enjoyed them on my Flickr and I'm sure someone would like to own them.
Auction link.

Next is 8 uchiwa with maiko/geiko names.
Only my Internet is really slow/annoying right now and I can't seem to link the photo.
Auction link.


Auction link.

Auction link.

Now I know these have both finished but the seller Yukimi085 has many of them for sale, they also have the miniature tsuamami hana kanzashi that maiko wear with casual kimono and odori programs.

Lastly is this amazing kimono (Sold for 95,000 yen) with palms!
I considered bidding on it for a millisecond before the price sky rocketed!

Auction link. if you wish to check it out.

Thanks for looking, now I'd better get back to my sewing, I only have until Friday to finish it!

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