Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Slytherin-ly kitsuke

I bought this kimono years ago, and like many of them I haven't ever worn them.
So the other day when I was free I thought it'd be a great time to don a kimono.
I wasn't originally going to wear this kimono but as its winter here in Aus the colours looked the most appropriate for cold weather.
When I first bought it I didn't know what it is (still don't really) Some ladies on the IG forums suggested it was something a hotel would supply guests with for winter months. It is unlined but a heavy linen or wool as someone suggested but I don't have any known wool kimono so I can't compare them.

Either way I originally bought it because I thought the colours looked so Slytherin! And as green is my favourite colour and I think Draco Malfoy is hot so it was a no brainer.

I paired it with my totally awesome lotus obi that I bought a couple of months ago from Shinei and it is my new favourite kimono piece!
The fabric is woven with silver threads, it probably doesn't show up in the photos but it is very subtle.
However it was a pain in the arse to tie!
I've never been one to tie the obi on the front and spin it around, mine always collapses when I spin it.
So I've always tied it on my back... if only my arms were longer and more flexible...

Not the best photos ever and super flashy but the colours look right and my kitsuke doesn't look too bad lol.
I did a few things differently and I think it made the end result look much better. 
It is also a short kimono so theres no ohashiori which probably helped me lol.


mysli said...

*laugh* I love it!
You did exactly what I plan for sometime in the future when I have kimono and obi for it!

siren said...

i need to have a ravenclaw version of this XD