Monday, April 2, 2012

Much the same...

As yesterday, I planned on doing heaps of scanning, ended up only really doing a bit because it just sucks the life out if me!! Gah, So boring!!!
I did make yummy mini muffins ( lot of m's just there) banana and choc chip, no pics cuz they taste good, look bad, so the bf will take them into work tomorrow, hopefully keep him happy during the day.
I wore kimono again! Yay! Still only messy, around the house kitsuke but it went alright:

Seeing as its the second day of Autumn down south I wore awase today, and was very comfortable. Usually when I wear awase I get hot and bothered very quickly but today was good.
Yes that is a summer obijime but its the only one I have with me...
The obi and kimono I bought in early '09 as a bundle from this selller on ebay... who either stopped using or got kicked off ebay just after I bought the bundle... I wasn't too happy with most of the items, not as good quality as what I was told.
Anyway! First time actually wearing this obi:
I think its a cotton obi? The texture is really strange, its like its crinkled or something, was very disappointed when I received it so its spent the last few years going to be given to my mum for her crafts, but somehow it came with me when I moved? Odd.
I didn't like it when I first got it (design wise) only good thing about it was that its in great condition and doesn't fit too badly, its short but ok in the arms. But now I really do like this one!
My crappy photos really don't show off it, but its lovely, just trust me.

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Sekhet said...

For me, great colors : )