Saturday, March 31, 2012

Finally! Some dance programs uploaded!

Yesterday I forced myself to sit down and upload some dance programs.
 I did have a couple scanned, edited and ready to upload I just don't have the enthusiasm for it anymore.
But now that the end is in sight (  by that I "only" have about 20 to do...) I have renewed energy!
Also with a long weekend coming up I'll hopefully knock a few more off the to-do list.
Yesterday's uploads included:
Asakasa odori
Gion Maiko Book
1960 Kitano odori
1961 Kitano odori

In the Gion Maiko Book is a photo of a maiko-san wearing the first maiko hikizuri I bought!!!:

I need to do some more digging but will post all about this hikizuri and its owners/wearers in a week or so I hope, once I found one maiko wearing it I found heaps more!!!!!!

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