Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy 2012 everyone!

Yeah I know, bit late, we've already been in the new year for a week now but hey, it happens.

I really should aim to blog more this year... I did four or so posts last year? Bit shameful really.
I do have a lot to say today though, if that makes up for the long, long absences of last year...

Today I am sewing a chikara nuno/tsukeeri, instructions from Kimono de Cheap.
Yes they are different things, although closely related. I'm aiming to make it as a tsukeeri but because I'm sewing by hand today (yay *-*) its at the stage where its a chikara nuno. Not that that matters because I want to make enough chikara nuno for all my juban but that could take a while.

Continuing on with the sewing theme...
A while ago I bought a cheap ro tsukesage from Shinei on ebay with a big hole on the front panel, but me thinking I'm amazing decided to get it and just embroider something over the hole to cover it up.
Firstly I was thinking a dragonfly but suggestions came in from the IG forums of a sparrow/insects.
So I did a mock up of a sparrow! Personally I think its really cute, maybe not appropriate for the kimono but let me know what you think:

And here is how it sits on the kimono. Opinions?
Other kimono projects include trying to repair a sha kimono:

Another one from Shinei. along the sleeve/shoulder seams the fabric is tearing, on both sides. On one side next to the collar on the fabric is tearing vertically as well. Its very sad, but I did get a full refund on it so its not like a I'll be out of pocket for it.
Suggestions have been to use excess fabric in the sleeves to repair the tears. Rotate sleeve fabric so the tears become the bottom of the sleeve. Use interfacing on the fabric to stabilize it or lining it.

I'm leaning towards lining it, but how to fix the tears without it showing through?
How do I fix the big vertical tear near the collar?
Should I even bother with it? *sigh* I am wondering why I bought it. Yes I know I wrote about it before but really I already have one that is very similar...

Besides that little headache, the rest of my project list contains:
* sewing a ro kimono. I've only been putting it off for 18months now....
* painting up a mock pre-tied darari obi.
* dyeing and embroidering mock maiko han'eri
* putting chikara nuno on my juban.
* altering what kimono I can to fit me better.

I wonder if you see my problem, I start another project before I've finished the other ones I've started.
Plus keeping up with uploading my odori programmes and etc.

I also want to post some kitsuke photos of me but I want to explain something first.
I have been interested in kimono now for about four years (how it flies!) but really only wore kimono for the first year-ish so I'm terribly out of practice. (just too busy with work and other stuff)
So I am starting again when I feel like I should be better than what I am.
When I moved in July I didn't bring my kimono with me. I went home in October and brought back with me some yukata and summer related kimono. Mostly what I have here with me now I've bought in the past few months.
I've never worn yukata before this year. I mean I bought one years ago but never liked it so its very strange for me to go from formal-ish kimono with juban and padding and all that jazz to yukata and hanhaba obi... I feel like a total n00b.
So please excuse everything that is wrong, I'm still getting used to yukata plus I don't have any accessories/komono with me so it has been challenging...

So from the top: 
Black yukata with sakura with bright yellow pre-tied obi. The yukata is so starchy, is that normal for yukata? My other ones aren't like it?

Then my wisteria yukata with butterflies! I like this one a lot more :) the obi is some summer weave obi that I bought off YJA a couple of months ago, I think its supposed to be a nagoya but isn't sewn down. I really like this obi, I think it will be alright to wear with a number of things, plus it was very easy to use. I tried to do a fan like thing with the tare(?) I forget what its called, the little tail of the obi that is supposed to go back through the taiko, but it got lost when I turned the obi around.
And lastly this is Hendrix, he wanted to wear a yukata too ;)


Tsukimichan said...
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Tsukimichan said...

I like the idea of rotating the sleeve. If it's too obvious that the pattern doesn't look right, you could rotate the opposite sleeve to match.